Welcome to TreeHuggers Tourism!

We’re a socially responsible tourism service dedicated exclusively to providing you the best informed local tours in northern Nicaragua. We run excursions throughout the region and can also help you with any travel questions you might have.

You can explore Somoto Canyon, see how the world’s best cigars are made by hand, go birdwatching or horse-riding in the Miraflor Reserve, stay with a local family then learn traditional skills of coffee picking, cheese-making, milking the morning cow or hot tortilla making.

In Esteli,  just ask us to simply find your way to the market, buy amazing leather boots or cycle to the local waterfall; TreeHuggers can help! Bike hire is now available and include a guided bike trip into the tobacco plantations with local cooperative guides.

Visit our office any time to ask our local team how you can experience Nicaragua’s best and most authentic tourism.