Canyon Tour Options

Somoto Canyon

“Incredibly helpful for our whole group –   and we were a real range of ages.  He waited for people, and gave full instructions.” 

Tour #1- “Tour Estandard de 4 horas”

Our most popular option!

4 hours @ $25 per person

Includes – Lunch, entrance fees, tours, one-way taxi (either arriving or returning to Somoto), equipment, and arrangements.

Trip involves – A circular route for walking, hiking uphill and down, canyoning (rock scrambling, wading, floating, swimming, jumping & diving (optional) into river (1-2 meters minimum, higher on request up to 20 meters if conditions are suitable.

*Tell us or the guide, in advance, if you do not want to jump into the water.  Heights vary 1-2 meters only (more if you ask for higher!)*

Tour #2- “Tour Largo”

5 – 6 hours @ $30 per person

Includes – All of the above with additional hiking and rambling/hiking near the headwaters of the Rio Coco and the Honduran border.

Tour #3 – “Tour Abajo”

4 hours @ $25 per person

Includes – All the features of the Standard Tour with an easier walk there and back, views of the lower canyon but avoiding the jumps and harder scrambling in the upper canyon.

Ideal for children, non-jumpers, and those/or seniors with physical limitations.

Riding Tours are available not in the canyon, but around local viewpoints and across cattle farms in the area.

To arrange your adventure please come to the office – just across the road from Luna International Hostel.