Cigar Factory Tours

Nicaragua’s Best Cigars

What is the tour?

Touring the factory is a great way to learn how cigars are being meticulously handmade, the old fashioned way, by skilled Nicaraguan workers. These are some of the best cigars in all of Central America, so don’t miss out on this amazing tour. While you’re there you’ll get to see the detailed work of rolling, shaping and packing cigars, as well as sorting, drying and processing the leaves, and so much more. And of course you’ll get the chance to try a few before you leave! This is a must for any trip to Nicaragua, and especially any trip to the wonderful mountain city of Esteli.

Which factory will I visit?

Currently Fabrica San Luis, Cuban owned boutique factory. (Tabacalera Santiago has recently been sold and changed hands and no longer permits tours, 9/16). We have alternative visits to complement this tour. Plantation visits can be arranged and are very interesting (not available in heavy rainy season). Specialist tours can be arranged in advance, however they do not accept visitors from January thru March.

How do I arrange a tour?

We can arrange a tour 1 day ahead, all by arrangement with TreeHuggers Tourism Office and Cafe Luz. Tours run Monday to Friday, notweekends or holidays. Tours leave 9am or 1pm. Please meet at Café Luz 10 minutes before tour, and pay in advance. You will be met by the guide there.


How much does it cost and what does it cover?

Tour costs $8 per person including the guides.  70% of the cost is donated directly to education projects; thru 2011-2016 these tours helped us buy over $7,500 worth of books and education materials. We now have 3,300 books (our goal is 10,000), to loan to the rural schools and children we work with.

How long does the tour take?

Tour takes about 1 to 2 hours, depending on questions, smoking time & buying gifts…

Note: You can buy cigars but not post/mail them afterwards. (Limits are 100 for USA, 50 for Europe/Canada)

To arrange your adventure please come to the TreeHuggers office – just across the road from Luna International Hostel.



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