Take a trip to the stunning views, pine forests, and hikes of Tisey on the southwest mountains of Estelí.

Breathtaking views of the Pacific coast, the volcanoes by Leon and Chinandega, also looking over to El Salvador & Honduras, and sunsets to dream of!

What to Do

  • Alberto Gutierrez, Finca El Jalacate –Alberto Gutierrez is a chatty hermit who has carved his memories into the cliff-face overlooking the Estelí valley. Tours can be arranged through TreeHuggers Tourism Office, but it can also be visited independently. Allow 2-3 hours. Access and entrance are difficult to find, but we hope they will soon improve! He provides a great tour, Spanish only, please offer to pay him $1-4+ according to your goodwill, he and his family are quite impoverished.
  • La Garnacha – A mountain community with great views, diverse trails, big organic market gardens, and great swiss-style cheese! There are nice accommodations here. You can reserve a local family homestay, Don Reynaldo and Dona Adriana, who include two treehouses, their new open-air dining room between the trees, dorms and great food, plus tours with local guides. They make Swiss-style goat and cow cheeses in the mornings and welcome visitors to the centre. There are also organic vegetable gardens on a big scale for local markets.  Organized by the community and their association (ASOPAN).
  • Eco-Posada – Amazing views, gardens and trails! Another visionary family,with a love for nature and the organic side of life.  They have developed attractive cabins and rustic dorms. They can be very busy on Sunday lunch due to the Esteli 4×4 crowd! Hitch a ride!  


How do I get to the Tisey Reserve?


Note:  NO buses run on WEDNESDAYS

Come to TreeHuggers and pick up a free map!

We can book homestays at EL Carrizo, great treehouses and fun garden planting. You can arrange a specialist Natural Medicine tour with TreeHuggers too!

Take the local bus that runs twice a day early morning and early afternoon. The same bus goes up, drops off and returns straight away.

To make a day trip of it, you should plan to leave early morning and return around 3pm in the afternoon on the bus.

Hiking is far, it’s about 18km uphill, possible but for the more experienced hiker.

You can hitch a ride ‘un ride’, please be courteous and offer to pay ‘ cuanto te debo?’ but you will never be charged. Use common sense and assess your ‘ride’. You will normally travel in the back of a 4 x4 .

Other transport options:

  • Private Truck 4×4, from TreeHuggers office, $50 a trip, can include the Salto Estanzuela Waterfall and La Casita, 2-8 people, ask for other prices.
  • Take return buses from San Nicolas/Empalme Rancho Don Luis, a 30 minute walk, with buses all day to + from Esteli. We can arrange a pick-up with Don Reynaldo.
  • Taxis don’t do the trip due to road conditions

What Should I Bring / Wear?

Weather can vary.  It can be very windy and cold, take jackets, walking shoes, water, layers, and sunscreen.

Cash for all entrance fees/accommodation, no internet or credit cards.


TreeHuggers can arrange a guide from the community, no charge, just the cost of the guide.

How do I make a reservation at La Garnacha?

Reservations are arranged through TreeHuggers for overnight stays and day tours at La Garnacha.

How do I get to La Garnacha? 

Take the Tisey bus, times at TreeHuggers, but remember there are no buses on Wednesdays!  Tell driver / ayudante to stop at La Garnacha junction.  Also look for the sign.  From there it’s easy to reach, just a 15-minute walk off the road.  Well signed.

Accomodation Options (La Garnacha

Type Prices
Cabins w/ water & meals $20/cabin
Rooms $10 p.p.
Local family homestay with Reynaldo.  Includes 3 meals. $20 p.p.

What is the Eco-Posada?

The Eco-Posada is an attractive, rustic, purpose-built centre.  Nica cabins and great food. Great trails on site and kitchen gardens, ask for Franklin.

What are the accommodation options?

Type Prices
Home-stay / Dorm C$150 p.p.
Cabana C$350 (x 1 or 2 persons)