Massage & Natural Medicine

Esteli is a hub of natural medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture and botanical outlets. Primarily at Isnaya laboratory, amking teas, and herbal products that are proven to improve chronic complaints. Also there is Cecalli, another research resource offering outreach into the community and herbal products sold retail locally.

TreeHuggers can recommend local massage therapists, for men and women, with some discounts offered. Most are therapeutic, one chiropractor, no Thai style massage but incredibly well priced, max $25 per hour! SO much cheaper than San Juan del Sur.

TreeHuggers also recommends two homestay families in Miraflor, and one in Tisey, who have trained and offer a tour of their gardens and teas or rubs (pomada). Price is only $8 per person, for their tour of up to 2 hours, offering expert advice, in Spanish, to support your interest or need.

Trpoical Botanical plants are in abundance here in Miraflor and Tisey. We can also offer a specialist guide who offers botanical expertise in the countryside, and speaks English. Please reserve with anticipation for our Botanical Guide.