About Us


TreeHuggers works on a very simple principle: provide environmentally friendly tours to raise money and awareness of the ongoing development within the communities that we work in. We are proud to work as part of the Cafe Luz and Luna International Hostel in this mission to provide a socially responsible tourism experience.


TreeHuggers is deeply involved in the constant process of helping Nicaraguans develop useful skills and earn fair wages. Our guides are experienced locals, people who know and respect the land the grew up in. In return for their excellent work, we provide well over the minimum wage requirements, meals, vacations, social security and more. Within our organization (which encompasses both the Cafe Luz and Luna International Hostel), we employ over 23 Nicaraguans and partner with nearly 20 different homestay families. Nicaragua is a beautiful country, which is why we’re dedicated to provide fair wages and developing opportunities and skills for the people that live here.

Our slogan around here is 100% Non-Profit, 110% Honest & Ethical!


By booking a tour with TreeHuggers you’ll be part of the movement to help Nicaragua be a better place for everyone. For more information on the projects and where your money is going CLICK HERE