Miraflor Reserve

Miraflor is an extremely diverse natural reserve that is home to a virgin cloud forest, mountains and fertile farming land that sustain about 6,000 people across 50 small communities.

With stunning views, waterfalls, excellent hiking, horse riding trails, birdwatching and organic coffee farming, it is easy to spend at least a few days exploring Miraflor.

We offer tailored guided tours, horseback riding and home stays with local families from eight participating communities. No matter what experience you’re looking for, we can help you find it.

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Hiking Tours are from US$15 per day (Groups of 1-3)*

We work directly with home owners and guides in Miraflor Nature Reserve and can help tailor your trip to your specific needs.

Horse Riding Tours – $10 per person plus guide**

Private land owners may charge between C$10-25 (up to US$1) for some hiking routes across private land.

Home Stays US$20 per night, Includes 3 Meals
The best way to experience Miraflor! You can learn about the life and culture of these rural communities, organic farming methods, community development projects, herbal medicines, the war and struggle for Nicaraguan independence, how they have recovered from hurricane disasters, and much more (just to name a few things).

Other accommodation

Cabins cost US$24 and includes 3 meals
Private enterprises start at US$30


*Tours of more than 3 persons charge an extra $5 per person. English speaking guides also charge an extra $5 fee for their services.

**Horse tours are a great option to see Miraflor. The price of a horse tour is $10 per person plus the guides fee ($15) plus the guides horse ($10). For example, a horse tour for 2 persons would cost $45 ($10 per person + $15 for the guide + $10 for the guides horse)


Somoto Canyon

Somoto Canyon is a stunning natural wonder best explored via tours involving hiking, swimming and scrambling through the canyon as the sheer rock face ascends 100 metres above you. Release your inner daredevil and jump off the 5-meter, 8-meter or the massive 12-meter ledge (optional of course) and plunge into the deep emerald pools of Somoto. At the end of the tour you can hop in a boat or lazily float in a tube downriver.

Somoto Canyon was first “discovered” by European scientists in 2004 and declared a national monument the following year. Since then, a local guide organization has been established and Somoto Canyon has become a vital source of income for the community that runs tours to the canyon.

We work closely with experienced local guides who are trained by Intur, the national tourism agency, and the community to book you the best tour possible. The money from the tours provides income for up to 15 families in Somoto.

To get there: Take the 7:30am bus from COTRÁN NORTE, north terminal in the south of Esteli. The trip takes 1.5 hours to the town of Somoto. Your guide will meet you at the terminal. The express return bus leaves at 3:15pm and the last bus is at 5pm.

008sFour hour Standard Tour or Five hour Large Tour, US$25/US$30 per person

Included are local experienced guides, lunch, life-jacket, wet shoes, a large group waterproof dry bag, entrance fee and transport from Somoto bus station (but not return). Lunch is provided after you finish the tour.

Bring: Water, snack, camera, hat, suncream, shorts and trekking sandals.

Tour Abajo, Four hours, US$25 per person
This takes you on an easy walk to the lower and most stunning section of the canyon and is ideal for children, non jumpers, or those with physical limitations.

Included are local experienced guides, lunch, life jacket, wet shoes, a large group waterproof dry bag, and transport from Somoto bus station (but not return). Lunch is provided after you finish the tour.

Horse Riding Tours, US$26.50 plus the price of the guide’s horse005s
Riding tours are available around local viewpoints and across cattle farms in the area but it is not possible to ride through the canyon.

Home Stays, US$20 per night
There is home stay accommodation near the canyon. The price includes 3 meals.

Camping form US$2 per night available at a look out or near the River Coco.

Ongoing travel to Honduras
The guides will arrange taxis to the bus terminal in Somoto or to the Honduran border at Los Espinos and buses for you. They can even organize and make reservations for most major tour company coaches to stop at the trailhead if you are travelling to Honduras and beyond. Just ask even if you already have your tickets or reservation.

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Eco Tourism in Estelí

Experience The North With Esteli’s

Tourism Experts

No trip to Nicaragua is complete without visiting Estelí, a region of culture and history and some of Nicaragua’s most biodiverse ecosystems.

Whether you want to spend a day exploring the famous Somoto Canyon, visiting traditional farm families in the wildlife-rich Miraflor Reserve, or learn all about how some of the best cigars in the world are made by hand in Estelí; you can do it all here with the help of Treehuggers Tourism Office!

We arrange for YOU: (click on the link for info)

OPEN EVERY DAY 8am to 8pm. Opposite Luna International Hostel and Cafe Luz Restaurant

Call us on (505) 8496 7449 or (505) 8405 8919

or email  treehuggers.ecotours@gmail.com / info@cafeluzyluna.com

Questions? Please contact us!