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Luz Verde

TreeHuggers is proud to be a non-profit social enterprise based on the simple principle that tourism shouldn’t just benefit the tourists. We’re committed to providing amazing tours that help give back to the communities that we work with on an everyday basis. One way we do this is through an initiative we call Luz Verde.

Luz Verde Projects are supported by the earnings of the non-profit Luna International Hostel, the Cafe Luz and the TreeHuggers Tourism Office. Luz Verde supports local employment and income generation through these three enterprises. It also operates on a non-profit basis, supporting a variety of local social projects with all profits.

Luz Verde collaborates with projects focusing on education, women, youth work, environmental and community driven initiatives. Luz Verde facilitates educational development initiatives in local communities, ecotourism, organic gardens, library access and workshops, volunteers, expedition groups, conservation and restoration support, disaster relief funding, scholarships and music and theatre programs.


The administration of the projects is supported from within Cafe Luz y Luna, sharing resources and offices.

Many generous donors and groups have supported us over the years, without their invaluable support we could not have made it this far! We Thank them enormously.


We are official partners with NGO’s Omprakash in the USA and Sustainability Partners in the UK who receive and process donations on our behalf.

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