Estelí Mural Tours

The Marvelous Murals of Estelí

A fascinating guided tour of the many varied murals of Estelí, including those related to the revolution and activism, educational murals and children’s murals. An ideal way to learn about the history and culture of the city, past and present, while getting to see some beautiful art.
Tours are possible in Spanish or English.
Morning Tours: 9am 
Afternoon Tours: 1pm
Reserve the day before in the TreeHuggers office for a morning tour. For an afternoon tour you can book the day before or the morning of the tour. Meet at Café Luz at least ten minutes beforehand.

$10 US per person, please pay at Café Luz. Discounts for groups of 5 or more.

Eco Tourism in Estelí

Experience The North With Esteli’s

Tourism Experts

No trip to Nicaragua is complete without visiting Estelí, a region of culture and history and some of Nicaragua’s most biodiverse ecosystems.

Whether you want to spend a day exploring the famous Somoto Canyon, visiting traditional farm families in the wildlife-rich Miraflor Reserve, or learn all about how some of the best cigars in the world are made by hand in Estelí; you can do it all here with the help of Treehuggers Tourism Office!

We arrange for YOU: (click on the link for info)

OPEN EVERY DAY 8am to 8pm. Opposite Luna International Hostel and Cafe Luz Restaurant

Call us on (505) 8496 7449 or (505) 8405 8919

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