Community Based Tourism

Miraflor Tours

Miraflor is one of Nicaragua’s finest Nature Reserves, rich in plant and animal life, it’s a top destination in the lush Northern mountains of Nicaragua. But what makes these tours particularly amazing is the chance to meet the people that live and work in Miraflor. The Reserve is home to over 50 different communities where the people farm and grow Nicaragua’s best coffee, among other things. By booking with us you have the chance to stay with these families, learn how they still make tortillas and coffee by hand – the old fashioned way. Or get a tour of an organic farm, be taught natural medicine from the Doña of the house, check out the nearest mirador to watch the sunset, or simply practice your Spanish with some of the humblest and sweetest Nicaraguans around.


DSC04419You can stay the night in family homestays, or in beautiful rustic cabins in any one of the 3 climatic zones. Conditions are basic, compared to modern “western” standards but the experience is more than rewarding. Local guides are necessary to hike or ride, due to all the trails crossing private land.

Groups are also welcomed, and private transport can be arranged, but local buses are the best way to be taken up to all the communities.

Miraflor is a great experience for everyone (ages 0-80+), and it’s brilliant for children! These are the most welcoming people in the free-est of places in this hemisphere.

How to get there?

Please visit TreeHuggers Tourism Office first. This is essential to learn about all the accommodations across the 8 participating communities (There are 54 in Miraflor) learn about your options and what to expect.  We will give you information in English or Spanish, a map, bus times, names and contacts and an objective assessment of what to expect, the conditions, clothes to take and a reality check outside of what the guidebooks ever tell you. We’ll help you book your local guide, accommodations, and more!

Bring suitable clothing; good shoes and jackets/fleeces for the evenings, it can get windy and very cold, depending on the weather.

Do I need to book?

miraflor guide picYes, at TreeHuggers we work in coordination with the Miraflor homeowners to take your bookings, and arrange your tailor-made trip according to what you would like to see. There are 3 different bus routes, 8 communities to stay in, over 16 families you can stay with, dozens of natural attractions, specialized guides, and much more. It may sound like a lot, but at TreeHuggers we’ll help you design the perfect Miraflor tour for you.


Here is an idea of what to expect when arranging your trip:

  • Homestays cost only $22 for 3 meals and a night
  • Cabins cost $24 for 3 meals and a night.
  • Private enterprises start at $30.
  • Guides cost $15 per group.
  • Horses are only $10 p.p. plus cost of the guide’s horse & guide.
  • C$30 cords can be charged for some hiking routes across private land.

To arrange your adventure please come to the office – just across the road from Luna International Hostel.