Massage & Natural Medicine

Esteli is the capital of natural medicine research & availability in Central America! Don’t miss the great products and services available here!

Research Centers:

  • ISNAYA – Make teas, syrups, and plant or fruit ointments. You can visit their shop, by appointment their laboratory, and by special arrangement only the gardens which are out of town.

Address: From Hotel Esteli, half a block west, in front of Anexa school

  • CECALLI – Produce syrups, ointments, and micro-dosis remedies. You can visit the centre, have a massage or acupuncture, or enjoy the sauna complex (with mini-gym). Works with outreach training programs in rural communities.

Closes 12-2 and weekends

Address: Next door to La Casita, south of city limits

Alternative Medicine Practitioners:

  • Dra. Alejandra Floripe

8506 0220/ 8604 1336

Address:  From Hospedaje Luna, 2 blocks to the river and 3 blocks north, left hand side

Appointment must be made, for 5pm daytime, or Saturday morning drop-in clinic


  • Dra. Deyanira Chevez Alarcon

Tel: 2713 9606

Cel: 8831 1416 (CLARO)/ 8681 9626 (MOV)

Address: Antiguo Semaforo 25 yrs al Sur


Other stores: ‘BioNatural’ next door to Isnaya shop. There are numerous other natural medicine store located throughout the city, all offering something unique.


  • Natural Nueva Vida

Maria Julia Gutierrez (recommended!)

Sunday – Friday: 2pm-8pm.  Women only.  

Tel. 2713-4618       Cel. 8411 3281

C$200 whole body/ 1 hour, a relaxing massage, and sauna for C$60.

Address: From Luna International Hostel, walk 5 ½ blocks north (2 ½ blocks north of Colegio San Francisco) on left hand side, peach painted house.  Sign painted on home. Sells some natural medicines.


  • Centro de Medicina Natural y Acupuntura Vista Hermosa

Dr. Juan E. Duarte Galeano and Dr. David Hernandez

Monday – Saturday: 8am-12pm/2-5pm

Tel.: 27132116       Cel: 8857 7504 (CLARO) o 8687 0567 (MOV)

C$350 whole body/ 1 hour

Address: from La Colonia, 1 block east (to the Pan-American),from Luna International Hostel, 1 block south, ½ block west

Sells some natural medicines.


  • Cecalli, Centro de Naturalista de Medicina Natural

Monday – Friday: 9:30-11:30/2:30-4:30pm

Tel: 860 41336

C$500 whole body

Address: Next door to La Casita, south of city limits


  • Bambu

Elisa Salazar

Monday-Friday: 8am-12pm/2pm-6pm & Saturday: 8am-2pm

Cel: 8947 4717 (CLARO)

$5 – 12 (6 different options)

Address: In front of Los Arcos Hotel entrance

Massage and Physiotherapy


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